Our Advice Model

When you engage a financial planner, you are seeking professional advice about wealth management, insurance management, the relationship between investment risk and return, diversifying your assets and utilising your greatest wealth asset – your income – to maximise your long term opportunities.

At JDAS, our advice model is a full service advice model i.e. we are licenced by ASIC to provide personal financial advice about financial products for which we charge a fee. 

We offer an Execution Only advice model, where clients pay an hourly rate to have financial transactions completed, such as the opening of an investment account. 

We provide general advice at either an hourly rate or at a fixed flat fee that will be quoted prior to your meeting with our advisers. 

JDAS offers ongoing management and advice, based on the type of initial advice provided (personal or general) and we charge a flat fee each year for this advice - the annual retainer. The fee and services provided for that fee are agreed with clients at the commencement of each financial year.

 Description of Advice

Initial consultation                                                                              Meeting duration 30-45 minutes            

We expect this to be a 'getting to know you' session. You should be able to outline what you are looking for in a Financial Planner and we will clearly identify what fees you will likely be charged for our advice and how we can help.  At the end of this meeting, you will be asked to take away and complete a detailed data collection and risk profile questionnaire.

The fee for this initial meeting is $345 (incl GST).

If you wish to proceed, you will either make a second appointment to bring these documents back and sign an authority to prepare a Statement of Advice (SoA); or submit the information electronically to us. You are under no obligation to make this commitment until you are ready.

General  advice                                                                                         Meeting duration 45 - 60 minutes    

                                                                                                                      Financial Planner time  1 – 2 hours 

In this session, we will be providing clarifying information without you providing us with personal information. You should be aware that without this detailed personal information, you risk making inappropriate financial decisions. Typically, you may want to obtain information regarding superannuation rules, investment types, managing a deceased estate or cash flow management. You may want general information regarding life insurance or income protection. On the other hand, you may have a single specific question to answer. You will not be provided with a Statement of Advice.

Scaled advice                                                                                          Meeting duration 45 - 60 minutes    

                                                                                                                    Financial Planner time  3 – 4 hours  

Following on from an initial consultation, you will return with your data and risk profile documentation, however only those section related to the advice required are completed by you. Scaled advice covers one issue only, such as a review of your current insurances; a review of your current superannuation; financial requirements for Aged Care; estimation of income in retirement needs.

You will be provided with a Statement of Advice, however it will only cover the issue on which you have requested recommendations. The fee includes the implementation of the advice where applicable.

Limited advice                                                                                           Meeting duration 60 - 90 minutes    

                                                                                                                     Financial Planner Time 4 – 6 hours   

Following on from an initial consultation, you will return with your data and risk profile documentation. Limited advice is advice limited by your circumstances, where you have 2 or 3 issues to deal with. You might want cash flow help, insurance advice and super consolidation. You may want to establish a transition to retirement strategy and develop an investment portfolio. Provided that you only want to deal with a small number of issues, you will fit into this category. You will be provided with a Statement of Advice regarding this advice and the fee includes the implementation of the advice where applicable.

Comprehensive advice                                                                          Initial Meeting duration  60 - 90 minutes

                                                                                                                   Planner Time 10 – 14 Hours                       

Following on from an initial consultation, you will return with your data and risk profile documentation. Comprehensive advice covers your financial goals; retirement goals, Estate Planning goals, Insurance goals and cash flow management.

The advice will provide a range of strategies to assist you achieve your financial goals. Because of our broad ranging expertise, all of these areas will be dealt with in your Statement of Advice, which we will go through with you.  The fee includes the implementation of the advice where applicable, however additional hourly rates may be charged for more complex implementation (these fees will be disclosed to you in your SOA). The annual retainer fee will be discussed with you prior to implementation.

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