Our Advice Model

When you engage a financial planner, you are seeking professional advice about wealth management, insurance management, the relationship between investment risk and return, diversifying your assets and utilising your greatest wealth asset – your income – to maximise your long term opportunities.

At JDAS, our advice model is a full service advice model i.e. we are licenced by ASIC to provide personal financial advice about financial products for which we charge a fee. 

We offer General advice, where clients pay an hourly rate to have financial transactions completed, such as the opening of an investment account; or an interview to explain aspects of your current situation. 

We provide personal advice at either an hourly rate or at a fixed flat fee that will be quoted to your prior to you engaging our advisers. Personal advice can be scaled i.e. limited to certain aspects of your financial planning needs; or comprehensive. At our initial meeting we will discuss and agree on which type of advice you require.

JDAS offers ongoing management and advice, based on the type of initial advice provided (personal or general) and we charge a flat fee each year for this advice - the annual retainer. The fee and services provided for that fee are agreed with clients at the commencement of each financial year.

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